The Challenge

SushiSushi is a UK online supplier and retailer specialising in the art of Japanese cuisine. They supply the finest quality ingredients and first-class Japanese hardware.

SushiSushi identified a significant opportunity for paid search visibility based on the high sales achieved from just organic search traffic. They did not however have the capacity or technical knowledge to set up and manage these ads in-house.

Their challenge was with a low average order value compared to the average cost per click to target key terms around their products, it was expensive to acquire traffic and generate profitable returns.

“We were impressed with how Climbing Trees proactively changed tac in the first lockdown. Their quick thinking and strategic pivot allowed us to reach a new consumer market directly which had not previously been a priority. This approach supported SushiSushi to stabilise at a time when the hospitality industry and its supply chain were hit hardest.”

Marketing Director, SushiSushi.
Our Strategy

Climbing Trees therefore activated a Google shopping campaign, which ensured our bid and budget strategy were aligned to the variable profit margins. Via our Google shopping campaigns we also generated data to find high performing terms to run Google search ads against.

This approach needed to be enhanced when the pandemic struck and SushiSushi’s B2B business took a big hit during lockdown. We quickly increased our efforts and budget to their B2C offer to capitalise on increased online search volumes. Demand for bulk essentials such as rice increased tenfold over lockdown, therefore we dedicated campaigns across Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to cater for this newly buoyant consumer market.

Our strategy on Amazon differed to our previous approach on to Google and Microsoft taking into account paid and organic search volumes.  We provided a comprehensive buy box pricing analysis to inform SushiSushi where they could make price reductions to beat the listings of competitors on Amazon. Our paid strategy covered SushiSushi’s full Amazon offering.


Our campaigns drastically exceeded SushiSushi’s expectations and demonstrate that with the right structure and bid strategy, profitable Google ads campaigns with a lower average order value are possible.

ROAS of more than 500% achieved each month on Amazon ads.

Increase from 400% to nearly 600% ROI from 2018 to 2020 on Google ads. Dramatic revenue growth multiplying by nearly 1000% over two years on Google ads.

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