Project Summary

We teamed up with Leitz Paper Shredders, part of the ACCO Brands family, to tackle a significant challenge – boosting growth in their paper shredder product line across Europe. In 2022, we devised a paid strategy and campaign management plan that was executed across 15 European markets.

The campaign had two core objectives:

  • Increase our share of search impressions.
  • Generate more ‘Where to Buy’ leads compared to 2021 results


We kicked off our strategy by crafting a multi-campaign, multi-channel approach tailored to B2C home office needs. Our tactics included:

  • Google Search paid text ads: We targeted keywords like ‘home office shredders,’ ‘shredders for your home,’ and other relevant terms, focusing on working from home and the need for home shredders
  • Google Display ads ‘prospecting’ / Google Display ads ‘remarketing’: We used ads aimed at predefined Google audience categories and data. Remarketing played a pivotal role in tracking ‘direct leads.’
  • Facebook and Instagram display ads: Our campaigns used predefined audience personas and interest categories across Facebook and Instagram, marking a full year of campaign activation.

The absence of eCommerce functionality on the Leitz website presented a unique challenge. We devised two lead sources for the campaigns:

  1. ‘Where to buy’ leads from prospecting activity: Ads across search, display, and social media were presented to a colder audience. Upon clicking the ad and landing on the Leitz website product page, users could click on listed retailers (Currys, Staples, etc.) to visit their site and complete the purchase.
  2. Direct leads from clicking on remarketing/retargeting ads: If someone didn’t click a ‘where to buy’ link immediately after clicking on a prospecting ad, we retargeted them with additional ads. Clicking these ads directed them straight to the retailer’s website, creating a ‘direct lead’ that was recorded.


In just 8 months, Leitz rose to the top of Google rankings in Germany, becoming the most searched-for shredder brand in the fiercely competitive European Market.


growth in share of voice


increase in number of leads


decrease in cost per lead

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