Choosing An Agency Podcast

Published on June 24, 2021 by Climbing Trees

How to choose an agency

Choosing an agency to work with has never been a simple decision, but the landscape is more complex now than ever before. With incredible independent local agencies competing on a level playing field with London based networks coupled with intense diversification of skills and services as a result of the pandemic – it’s only becoming harder for clients to choose and agency. And it can be a costly exercise too.

So, in a bid to debunk the myths and distil best practice for clients, Managing Director of Climbing Trees, Alex Holliman decided to launch the ‘Choosing an Agency’ podcast. The weekly series features 10 agency leaders from a range of backgrounds giving a peak behind the curtain at how clients can get the most from their agency partners in the selection process and beyond.

“While agencies often bemoan the pitch and selection process, I’ve always felt a lot of the pain points for us are probably the same for clients. I wanted to create a forum for established agency owners and leaders to share their experiences in the hope it might benefit clients. Ultimately, if our clients are getting more value, everyone wins”

Alex Holliman, Managing Director, Climbing Trees and Host of Choosing an Agency.

Series one features leaders from a range of backgrounds from boutique design agencies such as Strafe Creative through to established web design consultancy Rubber Cheese.

“I’ve known Alex for some time, and we have worked on client projects previously so I jumped at the chance to be included in his podcast series. I think there is a lot agencies can share with clients to make the selection process easier for everyone involved.” 

Kelly Molson, Founder, Rubber Cheese.

The first episode launched on 22nd June, you can download from all the usual podcast platforms or find out more, here: