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With over 400 million users and 9 million companies, LinkedIn offers a great platform to advertise to industries, companies or decision makers.

We have run successful campaigns through our specialist Linkedin marketing services, targeting very niche markets through the easy to navigate and intuitive platform that LinkedIn offers.

Build Your Audience

With the targeting areas that LinkedIn offers, we can build a very granular target audience that will be 100% relevant to your products or services.
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Job Title
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Company Size
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Job Function
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Job Seniority
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Fields Of Study
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Campaign Goals

There is no one way of measuring success, and Social Media Campaigns are no different.
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Lead Generation
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Increase Page Likes
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Brand Awareness
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Post & Page Engagement
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Set Your Budget

If you're not sure what you should be spending on your campaign, LinkedIn can provide you with a suggested bid based on how big your audience is and the level of competition in the target audience you are looking to advertise to.

Track & Monitor

LinkedIn provides a full suite of tracking, allowing us to monitor the progress of your campaign, how many clicks you’ve had, how many impressions you’ve had and much more.

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Who have we worked with?

Our clients span a wide range of sectors including retail, financial, insurance, education, construction and charities.
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