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Browning Bros Website June 2019

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Passionate about delivering unique experiences, Browning Bros have built a reputation to deliver unusual corporate events, memorable outdoor weddings and the best glamping Essex has to offer.


Browning Bros had a website with fantastic photography and an even better business model. However the website was a little clunky in places. More importantly, their booking system was fragmented - one system for standard bookings and another totally different system for wedding guests. Our goals were:

  1. To research alternative booking systems that would unify all types of bookings
  2. Full on-site SEO
  3. A brand new, modern website to make the most of their stunning photography


We built Browning Bros a brand-new, fully optimised website. The site includes:

  1. New booking system, uniting all types of bookings and designed for business expansion
  2. High-resolution imagery
  3. On-page SEO across the site
  4. Mobile-friendly design
  5. Designed with future expansion in mind

The Result of Our Work

The brothers, their friends, and more importantly their customers have all said how much they love the new site. It’s easier to use, more informative, and now easier to find thanks to the improved Google rankings.

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