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The Capital Service Facilities Group provides essential services to a wide range of industries, including washroom services, pest control and water dispensers.


Having been let down part-way through website development by their previous developer, Capital were left with:
  1. Multiple unfinished and unmaintained websites
  2. No Analytics data
  3. No online advertising presence


  1. Three brand-new websites, created from the ground up to provide a better user experience and better SEO capabilities
  2. Installation of Google Analytics tools to allow monitoring of success
  3. Three brand-new AdWords campaigns designed to increase leads to the new websites

How We Got On

The client now has three all-new websites that have been built around making the end-user experience better, and also increasing the company's SEO rankings. On top of this, all three sites are now generating leads thanks to the AdWords campaign, as well as accurate Google Analytics data to back this up.

all2 - Capital

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