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Fragrance Samples UK

Fragrance Samples UK is one of the leading fragrance sample suppliers in the country.


Fragrance Samples UK had a fantastic business model, and sales were booming. However, the website didn't reflect this and was looking tired, outdated and was not especially user friendly. We were challenged with:
  1. Researching alternative Shopify themes
  2. Customising the chosen theme
  3. Ensuring the site was fully optimised
  4. Adding extras to the site, such as pop-up banners


  1. Fully customised website theme for Shopify website
  2. Optimised the site's main pages and brands, and added body copy to pages that were lacking content
  3. Revamped the client's email marketing template to reflect the new website design

The Result of Our Work

The new website theme supplied by Shopify was modified extensively by Climbing Trees, to fit the client's specification.

This has resulted in a much cleaner, easier-to-use and classier website experience that better reflects the company as a whole.

As a result of the improved website, the client has been sales increase by almost 20% vs the previous sales period.

Revenue: +18%