Savvy Media

Savvy Media New Website

Savvy - Climbing trees

Savvy Media are a busy London recruitment agency, specialising in creative & marketing industries.


Savvy's previous website was a single page site, which made SEO extremely hard and mostly not beneficial to the client. They approached us to: :

  1. Create a new, multi-page website
  2. Add refreshed content
  3. Set up and integrate Google Analytics
  4. Include bright images and illustrations
  5. Make something professional but fun


We created an all-new website for Savvy from the ground up, including:

  1. A full SEO review of the site's pages
  2. Built on the latest website technologies
  3. Providing secure hosting
  4. Set up a Google Analytics property and installed tracking code

The Result of Our Work

Savvy’s new website is now much better optimised than previously, as well as visually being more modern.

We are now able to track how much traffic they receive thanks to adding Google Analytics to the new site. Throughout October 2018, they had more than 20 enquiries from the website alone.