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Slim’s Detailing was established  over 50 years ago, they sell the best products for anybody who has a car they love and care for.


The team at Slims Detailing knew their products were great, and their pricing was on point, but they just were not getting sales from their current top UK agency.  Not only that, but several basics were not being taken care of:
  1. Sales were not being recorded accurately in Google Analytics
  2. The Google Adwords account was thrown together with no consideration to granularisation
  3. The account was not profitable


  1. Full Google Analytics audit, which enabled us to set up accurate tracking of sales
  2. Get Google Adwords and Google Analytics talking to each other
  3. Total granular restructure of both the Adwords and Bing campaigns
  4. Using our bespoke methodology we managed the campaigns to drive profitable sales growth

The Result We Delivered

Analytics, Adwords and client data now report accurately – this has enabled us to make sales leap forward – when we analyse July 2017 to December 2017 vs the same period we drove:

Sales: +43%
ROI: + 51%