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Truly Global Reach

To help you make the most of international sales we can deliver campaigns with our translation and localisation partner, delivering truly global campaigns.  We are search engine neutral, meaning we recommend the most effective solution delivering the highest return on investment.

Bing Ads

Whilst the association of Bing having less search traffic may ring true, it is also typically less competitive for our clients, which means a lower cost per acquisition can usually be achieved.
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Our certified experts are on hand to deliver successful campaigns that provide a positive ROI – increasing sales & leads. To achieve this, we understand the fundamental practices and approaches a leading digital marketing agency should follow, which include:

  • Extensive keyword research, identifying highly relevant keywords with a high conversion intent
  • Granularised account structure, to allow highly relevant ads to be shown in regards to search terms
  • Test and test again. Continual testing of ad copy and bid strategies ensures your campaign is moving forward
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International Search Engines

At Climbing Trees, we understand the desirability of having ads on a global scale. To achieve exceptional results, our in house team are able to localise content, keywords and ad copy; relevant to your chosen region.

 We are able to provide search engine marketing services within the two most prominent international search engines – Baidu & Yandex.
As a result, we offer leading account management and campaign performance for those businesses looking to expand their online presence amongst international search engines.

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