Twitter Ads

Using Twitter can add a personal, more immediate touch to your advertising. All it takes is a strong strategy – and the right hashtag – and a whole new audience will know the name of your business. It’s also incredibly cost effective when done efficiently.

What do you want from your Twitter ads?

With a relatively minimal investment and a guiding hand from us, you can find a platform for your business on the social media channel at the forefront of today’s conversations. By following emerging trends and targeting people with similar followers, keywords and hashtags, we can help you find your audience and ensure your message reaches them.


Twitter ad campaigns can be tailored to achieve a number of different objectives. These include raising awareness, gaining followers and receiving web traffic to your own website. This means it is important to choose the right path for your business in order to get your money’s worth.


We can help you through every stage of this process, ensuring you create an ad campaign that suits your business objectives.

Finding your audience

The process of targeting the right people with your adverts can be as granulated as required. Twitter allows you to set specifications for gender, age, location, device and more. This means you can widen or constrict your parameters until you reach the people you want to sell to, with the best ROI. You can also target specific groups using keywords and interests, which makes pinpointing your ads audience even more effective.

Twitter Ads Agency

Twitter provides a range of options for advertisers to make the best use of their platform. You can go the straightforward route of promoting individual tweets and accounts in order to reach a wider audience. You can also play into topical conversation with Promoted Trends, which allows you to connect with users interested in a particular subject. Finally, there is Twitter Promote Mode, which creates automated ads for you, using your first 10 tweets each day, on a flat rate basis. We will discuss these options with you and recommend the best strategy for your needs.

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