Episode 4 'Choosing an Agency' Season 2

Published on July 26, 2022 by Alex Holliman

Episode four of Choosing an Agency season two available now

In this episode, Alex and Gavin Shinfield, co-founder and CSO at Kyan, deep dive into how businesses can find aligned agencies and improve the quality of work they get from these partnerships. 

After getting to know each other and discussing topics such as business, design and technology, Gavin shares his experience of how clients and agencies should collaborate to maximise the benefits for both. Among the many topics discusses they talk about sharing information and budgets when asking for pitches, what to look for in an agency, references from past clients, qualifications and contracts. 

They also cover whether brands should opt for a full service or specialist agencies, as well as sustainability in business and collaborating with B-corps.  

Gavin Shinfield - Choosing An Agency

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