Our impact on the world should reach beyond the services we offer our clients. While digital marketing may not change the world, we can make sure our actions do. 

Certified B Corps are a new breed of business that balance profit and purpose. To date almost 5,000 companies across 74 countries and 150 industries have gained certification, and Climbing Trees are proud to sit amongst them. Together, we form a global community that accelerates a culture shift to redefine what business success looks like and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Our ongoing commitments

Everything we do as a business and as individuals ensures we make a positive impact on our people, planet, and clients.

In addition to refining our working practices, policies and procedures as part of the B Corp certification process, we have also made a commitment to planting one million trees via Ecologi  and Tree Nation plus becoming net zero by 2030

We will continue to embed sustainability into all aspects of our agency, including the clients, suppliers, people, tech, and tools we choose to work with.

Our commitment to being a sustainable and ethical business enhances the services we offer our clients. They never need to compromise profit for purpose.

B Impact Assessment

To find out more about our B impact assessment, follow the link the below