Like all businesses, we’ve got a way to go before we can say we’re sustainable, but we’re committed to this, and we’ve already made big changes. 

Some years ago, we decided not to depend on other people to fix the climate crisis, and get our house in order. We’ve meticulously reviewed every area of the agency to understand what we could do better. Then we did it.  

What we’ve done so far

We’ve made changes to how we do business to improve our impact on the world around us.

100% renewable energy

in our office

Renewable energy - Climbing Trees

Team trip emissions down 80%

we no longer travel by air for our annual team trip.

Team trip emissions down - Climbing Trees

One million trees pledge

that we will plant by 2030 using Ecologi and Tree Nation

Million Tree Pledge - Climbing Trees

Diverse recruitment

is important to us, we operate a blind recruitment process to remove unconscious bias

Diverse recruitment - Climbing Trees

Second-hand computers

buying pre-loved and refurbished from Macfinder and Apple so less goes to waste

2nd hand computers - Climbing Trees

Reduction in in-person client meetings

and we will use video calls wherever possible

Reduction in in-person meetings - Climbing Trees

Homeworking policy

to only be in office 25% of the time post pandemic to cut down commuting emissions

Homeworking - Climbing Trees

Use public transport

to get to client meetings where practical to do so

Public Transport - Climbing Trees

Responsible stationery

we source from Red Inc a B-Corp supplier

Responsible stationary - Climbing Trees

Car sharing

between team members when travelling to the office

Eco-efficient office improvements

working with our landlord to improve lighting and insulation

What we are planning

We’re on our way to being net zero by 2030. Since 2019, we’ve reduced carbon emissions from 5.3 tonnes per person per year to 3.69 tonnes per person per year. 

  • SEO & PPC campaign emissions – we’ll be able to help clients calculate their CO2 
  • Electric car scheme – for team members
  • Office improvements – for greater control of lighting, energy and insulation.

What we can’t impact

Unfortunately, there are some things a small digital marketing agency in Essex can’t change – this is what we have considered but can’t currently change. 

  • Hosting of our digital providers. These are all energy intensive services (our SEO systems, PPC systems) essential to our business, but we cannot directly control them. However, we are contacting them to request they move to renewable energy suppliers. 
  • Our location. We are a rural based business and moving office is not cost, or carbon, effective right now. This means we will have some transport emissions however work hard to keep them to a minimum.
  • Our customers. As a sustainable marketing agency, clients work with us because of our values. However, while we will begin to run workshops and conduct research to educate our customers, we cannot control their actions. They are part of our Scope 3 emissions that we are constantly working on.

Building digital brands with purpose

If you want your business and marketing to be more sustainable discover what 250 agency and in-house marketers are already doing in our new research report.