Climbing Trees has been on a journey to put purpose at the core of its brand. But is the rest of our industry also prioritising ethical business?

We’ve spoken to 231 in-house and agency marketers about how they view purpose in our ‘Brands with Purpose’ research.

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  • 91% of agency leaders think agencies have a role to play in creating a sustainable future with the largest group of these believing agencies should be leading the way.
  • 92% of agencies are investing in sustainability and 96% in other ethical initiatives.
  • Marketers agree that implementing sustainable initiatives is the best way to drive the sustainability agenda.
  • The communication gap is closing – sustainable messages put out by in-house marketers are 45% more aligned with what their company is actually doing.
  • 29% of clients only work with agencies that have strong sustainable credentials.
  • 31% of agencies said over three-quarters of their new business opportunities in the past 12 months have requested ethical and sustainability policies.
  • 79% of clients want to work with diverse agencies but only 32% of agencies are investing in ED&I initiatives.

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