The road to B Corp: challenges and opportunities

The road to B Corp: challenges and opportunities

Published on August 25, 2022 by Alex Holliman

Open insights from companies who have navigated the journey.

Climbing Trees are delighted to announce, that our Managing Director, Alex Holliman will be hosting “The Road to B Corp: Challenges & Opportunities”.

We know from experience that there is not a huge amount of information available about working through the BIA, B Corp’s self assessment tool that forms the basis of the certification process. It can be challenging navigating this on your own with no-one to talk to. And that’s exactly what this session is all about.

As B Corp pending and B Corp certified business owners, we want to share with you how we steered our companies through this process and discuss the challenges we faced as well as the opportunities we created along the way. 

There will be a Q&A at the end of the session, so you can ask any questions you might have for us about becoming a B Corporation.

About the panelists

Our panel represents a diverse group of business owners from different industry sectors. Our own experiences of the B Corp certification process are as unique as our companies are. And it will be the same for you. The aim of the session is to take a look at the most common challenges, regardless of company size and industry, and how to overcome them.

Anja Jones
Managing Director at AJT

Anja is the Managing Director at AJT, a translation company specialised in localisation services for the European market. In 2020, they decided to embark on the journey to gain B Corp certification as a way to prove their social and environmental credentials to their customers, their team and the wider translation community. After scoring only 50 points in their initial self-assessment, they made becoming B Corp a strategic priority and achieved certification in July 2022, with a score of 87.8.

Gail Hoban
Co-founder at GAS Studio

GAS Studio gained BCorp accreditation at the end of January 2022. As a brand and communications design duo, they managed their accreditation process internally. They were really grateful for existing B Corp agencies who encouraged from the sidelines, gave advice on persistence with the process and resources to freely adapt to their business.

Derek McCrae, Director at 

Derek is a Director at Seacourt Ltd – the highest scoring B Corp printing company in the world. They help clients by printing their materials in a way that gives back more to the environment than they consume. They call this Planet Positive Printing. They spent the last 25 years continually improving our sustainable performance and becoming a B Corp was a must have. Since their accreditation in 2020, they have twice been recognised by B Corp as Best in World for the printing and recorded media sector.

Jo Spadaccino,
Co-founder at Stirred 

Working life for Jo started in an in-house NHS communications role, before moving to the consultancy world. Tenures at four leading (but very diverse) health communications consultancies followed, before taking the plunge to start Stirred with co-founder Stuart Hehir. Stirred is a healthy hybrid agency driven by an ambition to match the innovation of the health sector with the communications innovation it deserves. Becoming a pending B Corp was one of their first actions as a new start-up business and one year on they haven’t looked back.

Looking forward to seeing you there

This session will be an excellent opportunity to connect with other like-minded businesses who are at the start of their own B Corp journey, so you can support each other along the way.