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With retailers across most sectors lining up to sell through Amazon, it goes without saying that it is a highly competitive field. Standing out among your competition is key, and it is next to impossible to do this without a strong Amazon ad campaign.

Ad Formats

On Amazon, it’s all about visibility. That’s why our in-house experts are able to deliver a variety of Amazon ad formats, pushing your products to the front of the queue. Our meticulous approach to the optimisation of bids, budgets and campaign structure ensures you only pay for highly converting, qualified customers. Whether you are looking for a perfectly optimised solution, or an innovative campaign to get you quick results, we can deliver.

Amazon Ads Agency approach

Our approach to helping you sell through Amazon is hands-on from start to finish.

1. Account Set-up

We’ll set up your Advertising account, based on your existing Seller Central account. This will include an analysis of your catalogue to understand your offering, products and category and your campaign goals. We will lay the groundwork for implementation of a paid ads structure which is scalable in the long term.

2. Sponsored Products Creation

Together we’ll decide which product lines you want to focus your paid spend on and we’ll set up Sponsored Product campaigns for those listings. We’ll deploy a structure which takes into consideration the different match types: close match, loose match, substitutes and complements. By doing this, we’ll control your costs and achieve great return on investment.

3. Ongoing Optimisation

Once your campaigns are launched, we’ll continuously monitor performance, with a particular focus on adding negative keywords to make sure only ‘qualified’ customers are seeing your ads, leading to higher conversion rates at a lower cost. And of course, we’ll keep a close eye on your bids and budgets, to make sure spend is allocated to the right listings to drive down your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

4. Store and Sponsored Brands Creation

As you become established on Amazon as a paid advertiser, we’ll set the wheel in motion on creating your branded Store and accompanying Sponsored Brand ads to drive customer to your storefront to receive your messages. We’ll work with you to create a branded experience which is true to your brand and attractive to Amazon customers.

5. Content Consultation

As part of our service to you, we’ll provide consultation on where your listing content can be improved by your existing team and/or organic agency, which should drive both your paid and organic performance. Better content is rewarded by Amazon with higher placement both for paid and organic, and better paid impression share.

6. Detailed Reporting

As part of our comprehensive Amazon Advertising service, we provide monthly reporting of your performance with a focus on commercial metrics, predominantly ACoS.

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