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Some companies overlook this opportunity, yet Bing continues to have decent market share. In 2019, it accounted for 8.82% of searches in the United Kingdom. Using Bing Ads can give your brand an unexpected edge.

Benefits over Google

Bing possesses 34% of the desktop search engine market share worldwide. With much of today’s internet use occurring over phones and tablets, Bing’s user base has proved to be a rare holdout in this trend. Bing Ads reach 63 million searchers that aren’t reached with Google Ads, meaning you really can’t afford to give this search engine a miss. Adding the low CPC makes Bing an excellent choice for the right product.

Action Extensions

Action extensions are the latest new feature from Bing designed to make your ads stretch that little bit further. What this service provides is basically a direct prompt for people who view your ads to click the link, such as a ‘Book Now’ or ‘Browse’ button. Advertisers who took part in the beta for this feature saw an average click-through-rate (CTR) of 20% for their ads, making it a useful tool for getting the most out of your ads.

Improved device targeting

Bing Ads also has an advantage over Google Ads in terms of the versatility of its mobile ad targeting. Using a Bing Ads Agency, you can target specific audiences by specifying the device type and operating system they are using. This means that if you prefer to avoid displaying your ads on desktops, and only target mobile users, that is an option.

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