The Challenge

Alcohol Change UK, a leading UK alcohol charity focused on reducing alcohol harm. They are the charity behind Dry January®. Driven by their belief that every person deserves to live free from alcohol harm, they create smart, evidence-driven change.  

Despite their good social media presence, they sought a dynamic digital marketing agency to leverage their Google Ad Grant and engage audiences year-round. They needed a partner to enhance their website’s search visibility, performance and the user experience, to maximise the impact of their brand and collaborate effectively with other suppliers.

Our Strategy

During the initial six-month period of taking over, we implemented a strategic plan to optimise their ad grants account. Our focus was on refining ad groups, expanding keywords, and aligning user journeys to increase engagement. We made it a priority to redirect users to relevant landing pages, especially for specific searches like “Alcohol and Breast Cancer,” in order to improve the user experience and encourage interaction with our main goal, the Alcohol Calculator. 

Additionally, we restructured ad groups to avoid duplicate terms and used broad match searches to make the most of our $10k grants budget. 

Throughout May, we continued our efforts to align ad groups with relevant landing pages, analyse search terms to broaden our range of keywords, and explore new opportunities, such as targeting “Teen Drinking” to increase our impression share.


Within the first month of implementing our strategies, Alcohol Change experienced promising outcomes. The conversion rate (CVR) soared by an impressive 142%, and conversions doubled, despite initially redirecting users away from the main conversion point.

Through our collaborative efforts, Alcohol Change achieved significant improvements in their digital marketing performance, allowing them to make an even greater impact in their mission to reduce alcohol harm in the UK.

+142% CVR

within the first month of implementing our strategies.

x2 conversions

despite initially redirecting users away from the main conversion point.

We are delighted to be working with Climbing Trees across our Google Ad Grant. This is particularly helpful as we head into Alcohol Awareness Week which is all about raising awareness about the harms caused by alcohol.

Natalie Aminoff, Digital Marketing Manager, Alcohol Change

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