The brief

Blueprint for all are a national inclusion charity on a mission to create a fairer society for young people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. They work with 13–30-year-olds via schools, higher education institutions, and community groups to support them with careers skills, courses, mentoring, bursaries, and work placements.

After changing its name from the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, this small charity’s challenges were twofold:

  1. Reduce loss of search traffic due to the name change
  2. Generate awareness and drive views of educational content and resources on their website

With a limited team and a lack of specialist digital skills internally, Blueprint for All turned to Climbing Trees to set up and implement their Google Ads Grant.

“It is comforting to know that we can trust Climbing Trees to manage our Google Ads Grant. The care they take with each campaign means their keyword research and planning is thorough and thoughtful.”

Chelsea Way, Head of Operations, Blueprint for All

“Before working with Climbing Trees, we were missing out on web traffic and awareness, now the team are an integral cog in our marketing function.”

Chelsea Way, Head of Operations, Blueprint for All

Project Delivery

Once their account was verified, we began the Google PPC text ad campaign optimising for brand terms to ensure maximum search traffic was directed to the new website. Alongside this we amplified the charity’s content strategy.

They released a wealth of informative materials to coincide with the anniversary of the Black Lives Matter protests. We promoted the range of articles, videos, and research to audiences who were already searching for this sort of content, but who may not have heard of the charity before.

Following the success of the content led campaign, we researched relevant longer form keywords and search terms to help shape future content the charity could create for users wanting to learn about diversity and inclusion.

This led to them creating an article specifically for this purpose, encouraging those searching for ‘What does BAME mean?’ to find out more, from this reputable and knowledgeable source. The campaign is our best performing to date, sending over 100 new, unique users to the Blueprint for All site in the first few days of launch, with a massive 14% Click Through Rate.

The results

We continue to work with this inspirational charity and look forward to amplifying their future campaigns to support specific moments in time, along with the ongoing brand campaigns. We are steadily working our way to utilising the entire Google Ads Grant monthly budget to secure maximum brand awareness.

In just six months of working with Blueprint for All we have:

  • Run 50 Google ad campaigns, concurrently
  • Delivered 2,500 additional new, unique users to the site via over 40,000 impressions
  • Amplified their important and impactful campaigns around Exam Results Day, Remember a charity Week, National Inclusion Week, and Black History Month
  • Increased the utilisation of the $10,000 Google Ad Grant to over 80%  in September and on track for 95% in October.
  • Grown CTR to above benchmark at 8%
  • 45 Conversions

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