Memoirs Through Murals

Things Made Public are a community arts group that reinvigorate disused public spaces through arts and culture.

It was important for this vibrant community interest company to continue their important work breaking down barriers to culture and providing art for everyone throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they have a solid social following, engagement declined rapidly in lockdown and it became almost impossible for them to reach new local community members.

Having secured funding to create a public mural celebrating the stories of local people they needed to engage the community to canvas opinion on which audience should be the beneficiaries of the project; dis-engaged young people or an isolated older generation.

“The team are personable, experienced and incredibly knowledgeable which really put us at ease when taking our first steps into social media ad campaigns.”

Lauren Martin, Co-Founder Things Made Public CIC

“The campaign surpassed our expectations, garnering reach and engagement that previously we could only have dreamed of. We enjoyed the process so much, that we have already booked more campaigns for the future and can’t imagine not working with the Climbing Trees team now!”

Lauren Martin, Co-Founder Things Made Public CIC

Project Delivery

This small organisation didn’t have the necessary digital skills in-house to activate a social engagement campaign. Therefore, Climbing Trees worked with Things Made Public to build a ‘digital town square’ via a geo-targeted Facebook carousel advert campaign and interactive poll.

We were able to make their budget work hard and reach a wide audience in a tight geographic location. The beautifully designed, eye-catching carousel adverts led users to a poll where they could interact with the ‘Memoirs Through Murals’ project and have their say on who should be depicted in their streets.

As a result of the campaign Things Made Public not only had a clear remit on how to progress the Memoirs Through Murals project, but they also increased awareness, engagement and had a new channel to interact with their communities in the future.

The one-month campaign generated:

  • 46k Facebook reach
  • 2.4k web visits from Facebook
  • 2.3k Facebook advert clicks
  • 600 completed polls
  • 25% click to completion conversion

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