Project Summary

Regent College London (RCL) is an award-winning educational institution that offers a range of flexible courses at different levels, including diplomas, foundation years, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

In November 2020, RCL approached us to help solve technical and other SEO challenges on its site. During our initial audit, we discovered site-wide issues, including poor health and site architecture, slow page speed, and the absence of SEO optimised meta tags. Moreover, the site’s content was not organised into topic clusters, optimised for keywords, or properly linked within the site. This had an impact on user experience, as well as a decline in ranking positions and the number of organic keywords the site ranked for. As a result, the site had low visibility in search engines. Using search marketing tools, we discovered that RCL was missing out on many content and keyword opportunities, which could be improved upon.


We conducted a top-to-bottom content and site audit to identify what’s working and what’s holding the client back. This data was used for creating a personalised SEO strategy (or a plan of action), including agreeing benchmarks for completion and reporting back to the client.

We devised an all-out personalised solution for the RCL challenge, focusing on key SEO aspects:

  1. Improve on-site SEO to rank higher for specific keywords, earning more traffic from the search engines.
  2. Review all commercially valuable pages, ensuring onsite optimisation is up to scratch.
  3. Build link equity to improve domain authority to help with organic search and rankings within search engines, which should lead to more traffic, customers and leads.
  4. Suggest quality content and topics beneficial for both onsite SEO and link building purposes.
  5. Conduct a site-wide technical audit and flag errors and warnings, highlighting any potential improvements that can be further explored.


Our action plan delivered timely feedback and quantifiable successes and outcomes, exceeding expectations and providing real value to the client. Below is a brief insight into the site’s performance from 2020 to 2022.

650% increase in keywords

In July 2020, the site ranked for 334 keywords. By July 2021, the number of keywords rankings increased by over 650%.

147% increase in organic users

The number of organic users grew in July-September (by as much as 147%) year over year. (2020 vs 2022).

137% improvement in domain rating

The average domain rating (DR) for the site was 8 in 2020. By 2022, the DR grew to an average score of 19, an improvement of 137%.

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