The Brief

In an effort to improve their site’s overall positioning and authority, Avanti approached Climbing Trees for help. Avanti decided to pick Climbing Trees since our ‘passion, drive to go the extra mile and ability to constantly evolve’ set us apart, in the words of Kelly Edwards, Avanti’s Content and SEO Manager.

Climbing Trees’ solution was to improve coverage on thematically relevant sites. This approach was a huge success. In terms of authority, the site’s standing increased massively.


To start off, Avanti briefed Climbing Trees. This led to Climbing Trees devising the personalised solution of improving coverage on thematically relevant sites. The project entailed using systems like Link Research Tools to help Avanti monitor competitor activity online, assess thousands of links at scale, work out which links should be kept, which links need amendments and which links to cut off.

Together, Climbing Trees and Avanti worked on a number of major content marketing campaigns, ranging from delivery to outreach. Climbing Trees helped make Avanti’s traffic acquisition goals achievable. We utilised our expertise to ensure that the campaign to raise the level of coverage received by Avanti’s site succeeded.

What Was The Outcome?

As a result of Climbing Trees’ solution, the standing and authority of Avanti’s site improved tremendously.

Avanti was pleased with the team and with the work produced. We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises, and Avanti has noted that we do indeed deliver to a high standard. Thanks to Climbing Trees’ attention to detail, ethos, receptiveness to feedback and ability to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget, Avanti has now incorporated Climbing Trees into their trusted SEO team. This enables us to work together to deliver projects that they are proud of.

How can we help you?

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