The Challenge

Mixergy develops smart and connected hot water technologies that enable customers to live better, save money, and reduce their impact on the environment. Their tanks are designed to be more efficient and sustainable than traditional hot water tanks. They work seamlessly with renewable energy and smart features connected to your phone.

Despite Mixergy’s fantastic offering and informative website content, they lacked awareness amongst tradespeople and the general public. The main aim was to increase the number of potential customers who know about Mixergy’s innovative tech and understand why it is beneficial, in turn raising the profile of the brand across the renewables sector.

For tradespeople within the industry, the goal was to encourage plumbers to sign up to Mixergy’s installer network. This network allows Mixergy to sell more units, whilst maintaining quality standards by vetting, training, and sharing information with their approved installation partners.

Our Strategy

To start, we assisted Mixergy in setting up a stronger measurement approach by tracking all meaningful actions, such as installer signups and contact forms – along with soft conversions such as pdf downloads, to help identify and segment the engaged audience. To inform our strategic approach it was important to understand where, when, and how this audience is browsing online to curate a plan to reach them at the right time to create an impact.

We always create data-driven plans and we did this for Mixergy by using third-party tools to analyse:

  • Competitors
  • The marketplace
  • Potential customers
  • SEO performance

This analysis helped us collaborate with the Mixergy team to design a full-funnel approach to using ads to target potential installers. Once the plan was in place we worked with Mixergy to design the right creative, messaging & landing pages to create the best foundations for the campaigns.

We activated campaigns across YouTube, Meta & LinkedIn with messaging that would inform the audience and implemented paid search ads to capture demand created by those channels.

Mixergy’s in-house team utilised the SEO audit to create a more content-rich and informative website and also redesigned pages to simplify their complex solutions. During the campaigns, we also collaborated with our creative partners to build ad creatives that resonated with the audience.


The 4 month long, multi-channel installer recruitment campaign was so successful that the installer network has now been temporarily closed to new applicants to ensure that Mixergy can uphold quality standards whilst inducting all of the new installation partners.


growth in website traffic


cost per aquisition

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