Display Ads

To get your message across to customers, Climbing Trees crafts specialised display ads with super smart targeting options. Your business has exciting things to offer. We want to show them off to the right people.

Custom intent audiences

Online advertising platforms allow for more sophisticated targeting than ever before. Through the use of custom intent audiences, as a display ads agency we are able to target searchers on the Google Display Network who are more advanced in their purchasing journey. This allows you to take a shortcut to a sale.


Google’s custom intent audience feature can be tailored by you or auto-created using machine learning. By simply combining a range of URLs and keywords which are relevant to you, you can home in on potential new customers. This is a great way to increase the ROI of your advertising spend.

In-Market audiences

Similarly to custom intent audiences, in-market audiences is a Google Ads targeting option which allows you to reach customers who are already interested in buying a specific product. By utilising machine learning, the tool can analyse search queries and website behaviour to determine which users are currently “in-market” for the product in question.


The vast amount of data analysed by in-market audiences creates a treasure trove of information for a display ad agency, which allows you to advertise your product to users at the time when they are searching for that product.

Dynamic remarketing ads

Earmarking potential customers is one thing, but earning their business is another thing altogether. Even if you are able to advertise to each person who visits your website, how can you reach each individual consistently enough to win them over?


The answer can be found in dynamic remarketing. Google has developed a feature which allows you to remarket the exact product that someone has just viewed on your website. This allows for more focused remarketing ads with a higher success rate, without the hassle of creating hundreds of personalised ads yourself.

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