Is Retargeting Ethical?

Is Retargeting Ethical?

Published on August 16, 2021 by Climbing Trees

As an ethical business, you want to ensure that every aspect of your supply chain accurately reflects your core values, including your marketing practices.

Redefining Retargeting Practices from an Ethical Standpoint

The idea of retargeting might not seem to fit into an ethical business model, but with a bit of consideration, you can craft an effective retargeting campaign that is just as honest as it is powerful.

Retargeting is simply advertising to previous visitors to your site, and these types of campaigns will often play a valuable role in driving conversions. Studies have found that up to 97% of people who visit your site won’t actually buy anything the first time they stop by. 

So why not remind them to keep coming back?

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Understanding the Benefits of Retargeting

One of the main ethical concerns with retargeting previous visitors to your site is that you must rely on personal data. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are transparent about your data practices when interacting with your customers. 

For instance, we mobilised a powerful retargeting campaign for Brentford Radios, a B2B radio supplier to the construction, hospitality, and public sectors. Our cutting-edge retargeting campaign dramatically reduced their cost per conversion by 48% versus their traditional search and display advertising.  

The success of this powerful campaign was not surprising given the data on how people interact with ad campaigns over time. According to Google, some companies have seen their conversions increase as dramatically as 161% after taking advantage of retargeted. Even more convincing, the statistics indicate that retargeting can add significant value to your visitor’s overall experience. Recent studies by Adobe CMO have revealed that 25% of people say they find retargeting useful as it reminds them of products and services they have forgotten. In addition, web visitors who are retargeted are 43% more likely to convert 

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Ethical Remarketing: Putting Best Practices to Work

Here are some key pointers to keep in mind when crafting your remarketing strategy to align with your ethical values. 

Limit the frequency: Limiting the frequency of retargeting campaigns will ensure you get your message across, while your users are less likely to feel like they are being followed. 

Add additional value to the experience: Rather than repeating the same redundant message, think about adding new incentives that will make prospective clients feel more valued or involved in the discussion. Discount codes, promotions, and insider guides can all be effective ways to tip the scale. 

Provide helpful information: Providing useful information on your industry or sustainability practices will show users that you practice what you preach. Remarketing campaigns provide an excellent opportunity to tell your story and prove to your audience that your company is about more than just selling products. 

Stay informed: When it comes to building more ethical marketing practices in a rapidly evolving online landscape, ethical business leaders need access to resources to keep them informed and help them get involved in the discussion. Organisations like The Ethical Move provide an invaluable resource for brands that need to stay on top of the latest ethical business marketing developments.

Summing It Up

If there is one big takeaway here, it is that retargeting is an incredibly valuable tool for building a powerful and robust campaign – when used responsibly. 

In the end, the more value that your users get from your retargeting campaign, the more likely they are to be tolerant of moderated data tracking practices. By relying on transparent and informative retargeting practices, you can create an ethical marketing campaign that drives your principles home. 

Here at Climbing Trees, we work with our clients to build a solid ethical marketing foundation that will help you build a better business model now and in the future. To prove it, we are backing our commitment to sustainable global marketing practices by obtaining our own B Corp Certification. In the face of a volatile economic climate, you need an ethical business model that is ready to adapt to the times. We will help you craft a tailored marketing campaign that is a cut above.

Find out how we can help you build an ethical marketing foundation. Get in touch today.