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Facebook’s massive audience makes it a great place to advertise your business. The opportunities Facebook offers to play into the unique behaviour of every user makes it one of the best platforms for targeting customers. You can go into as much detail as necessary, creating advertising that truly speaks to the individual.

Facebook Ads Agency

With our expert knowledge of this process, you can also remarket to website visitors through Facebook and win over customers who might be on the fence. We can handle all stages of the process; this includes setting up a Facebook pixel to ensure your adverts reach the right people, and creating a product feed. Through the power of machine learning, we can help you make the most of this market.


Advertising is, essentially, the art of making people think about your business. If someone sees your advert once, they may forget it quickly. However, show it to them repeatedly and soon they won’t be able to get it out of their head.

This is where remarketing comes in. By using customer lists, you can target specific users with specific adverts which will appear on their feed again and again. Facebook lets you customise your audience in intricate detail, meaning you can ensure your potential customers only see ads which are relevant to them.

Lookalike Audiences

Looking to find new customers who are similar to the ones you already have? With Facebook Lookalike Audiences, this has never been easier. By using data from website visitors, online engagement, app activity and more, you can receive a breakdown of who uses your business and why. This allows Facebook to target people who share characteristics with your current customers, giving you a better chance of winning their business, too.

Custom Audiences

This feature allows you to target people who have already interacted with your content in some way across the range of different apps and services run by Facebook. With Engagement Custom Audiences, you can focus on people who have viewed your page or watched a video posted by you and target ads specifically to them. You can also use this list as a base to search for a lookalike audience.

CRM Data

Another way to create Custom Intent Audiences is to upload your CRM data on Facebook. When your CRM data is uploaded on Facebook it matches the emails on the CRM list with the data of users on Facebook. We can easily integrate your CRM for you.

Custom Audiences – App Ads

If you would like to target an audience which has already installed your app but isn’t using it to the extent you want to see, Facebook can offer you support. By sharing data from your app with Facebook, you can create a Custom Audience, allowing you to get the most mileage from your app.

What next?

The diverse range of advertising styles on Facebook makes it easy to put out great content for new customers. However, this also makes choosing the right type of advert especially important. From photo and video ads all the way to the more complex designs like Instant Experiences and Messenger ads, Climbing Trees will use our knowledge and expertise to identify the best route for your message.

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