Google Ads

We bring the perfect balance of automation (industry leading tech) and human strategy (we give a damn) to Google Ads.

400% - 1700% ROAS

Google Ads is a powerful revenue-generating tool. Last year, our e-commerce clients achieved an average ROI of 800%. As a certified Google Partner, we use industry-leading tools and expertise to bring our clients maximum results.

Google Partner

Every member of our team is a certified advertising specialist by Google. As a member of the Google Partner program, we are the first to hear about the latest innovations and research from Google. This means we are always at the forefront of industry best practices.

Goals audit

Climbing Trees, as a Google Ads agency, will complete a full audit of existing conversions and goals, providing recommendations for new ones where necessary. This allows us to deliver campaigns which can be adapted to suit your website.

Granular keyword research

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive keyword research, so we can match searcher intent. We focus on relevant keywords, organised in STAGs and SKAGs* to ensure each click is valuable. This includes geo-targeted strategies to reach searchers in a given country, region, city – or we can narrow it down by proximity to your physical location.


This produces ads that drive high conversions. No matter the budget of your campaign, we get your ads in front of your target customers. When they search for the products or services you offer, we make sure you’re right there.

* Skags = Single Keyword Ad Groups, Stags = Single Theme Ad Groups.

Compelling ads

Like any kind of advertising, creating good copy is all about getting people’s attention. Asking questions, offering solutions and backing those up with statistics are all vital components of this, while using humour and using topical references can give your ads that personal touch. We use effective adcopy to create an ad campaign certain to bring in new customers.

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