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We offer a results-driven approach to paid search that combines the analytical with the personal. Our clients benefit from a proven methodology that is built upon two pillars:
  • Impactful keyword research. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive keyword research that matches searcher intent and produces ads that drive high conversions. No matter the budget allocation for a campaign, we have the tools and strategies to ensure your ads get in front of your target customers when they search for the things you offer in Google.
  • Rigorous campaign management. Our measure of success comes in accounting for the finer points of a campaign. We do this by testing and learning every step of the way; meticulously analyze the performance of ad keywords, ad copy, and ad groups, and making adjustments based on our findings. This methodical, data-driven approach guarantees consistent results over time.

We manage Google Ads budgets from £2,500 to £100,000 per month

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Text Ads
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Shopping Ads
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Display Advertising

Google Ads Agency

Every member of our team is certified advertising specialist from Google. As a member of the Google Partner Agency, we get priority notice on the latest innovations and research from Google, helping us remain on the cutting edge of digital marketing best practices. Reach out today for a free, no obligation account review.

Succeeding with Google Ads is not a prescriptive, one-size fits all approach. Nor does capturing high conversion mean putting all your eggs in one basket at the expense of other approaches. Your target customers can be found in a variety of locations, on a variety of platforms, and across all times of day and night. Your advertising approach needs to be as varied as can be too match the reality of search trends!

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Writing Creative Ads
You are always up against competition in the paid search arena. Our creative team is dedicated to crafting the kind of compelling copy that will not only lift your ads out of the ordinary - they will encourage new customers to click through and see what all the fuss is about.
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Ad Extensions
Ad extensions offer a valuable brand recognition boost to any and all ad campaigns we put together. The more digital real estate we can fill with your advertisements, the better off the world will be!
Reporting - Google Ads
We offer weekly or monthly reporting packages to keep you up to date with our performance. Everything we see, you see.
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Seasonal Shopping Promotions
Promotions in peak season can bring in some astonishing revenue if executed properly. We can assist you with all your Google shopping ads throughout the year, but we excel at getting huge conversions with peak season promotions!
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Remarketing is one of the most lucrative advertisement strategies around. Every site should be harnessing the opportunity to reconnect with target customers who are already familiar with the brand. We have some unique re-targeting strategies to propel brand recognition and get new customers passing through the sales funnel faster than ever.
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Quality Score
Quality Score determines how much you pay for a click in each ranking position. We obsess over all the features that make up your Quality Score, whether it’s ad relevance, landing page experience, or click-through rates.
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Campaign Structure
Our granular approach to structuring a campaign means we start small and build-off what we learn, taking into account even the most minuscule metrics because, in doing so, we are able to craft more targeted ads.
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Review Extensions
A testimonial or review is an invaluable asset because it affirms consumer trust and appreciation in your business. Let us help you make the most of positive customer feedback by attaching reviews to your ads via a review extension app.
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Keyword Research
As a pillar of all Ads campaigns, we focus on high intent and relevant keywords to ensure each click is as valuable as can be. This includes geo-targeted keyword research to reach searchers in a certain country, region, city, or proximity to your physical location.
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Ad Scheduling
We know that our clients want customization in when and where their ads are shown. We can set-up an ad publishing schedule that suits your needs.
As a Google Ads agency we ensure that we follow all practices outlined in Google's third-party policy. Click here to read more.


Brands we work with
Climbing Trees are quite simply awesome. The team have such a refreshing, proactive attitude towards the work we do together. They are always bursting with great ideas, since working with them they have taken our PPC, Google Shopping & Facebook campaigns to another level.
Lucy Wrangles
Digital Marketing Manager, Slims
Our new website has gone from strength to strength with results to sales and there is no doubt about it without Alex and everyone at Climbing Trees there is no way we would of achieved the incredible sales that we have.
Tom Richardson
Director, Locks Direct
The team at Climbing Trees have provided a transparent and hard working service that has helped us move our online sales forward considerably.
Matt Powell-Perry
MD, Anorak
The team at Climbing Trees took the time to understand our business, and have provided can do solutions such as Google Ads services that are helping my business grow online.
Jake Butcher
CEO, Glosrose
Climbing Trees have supported us with Ads Management, SEO and social media services for over 5 years and make a big difference to our business.
Jolyon Alpress
Managing Director, Jo Alexander
Climbing Trees took the time to listen and learn about our business and made good suggestions about our PPC campaigns from the start. They provide pro-active account management to ensure our campaigns are always performing to their best and everyone in the team is friendly and knowledgeable. There is complete transparency at all times which is why I trust them to manage our PPC activity.
Amy Metcalf
Marketing Manager, SMT
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Who have we worked with?

Our clients span a wide range of sectors including retail, financial, insurance, education, construction and charities.
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Climbing Trees Case Studies

Find out more about our approach and the results we've got our current clients.

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