Google Ads Grants

Whether your aim is to increase sign-ups, website visits, donations or connect with supporters and volunteers, we’re here to maximise the opportunity of an Ad Grants account for your organisation. This is a great way to put your mission in the spotlight when searchers are ready to engage, plus you’ll never be charged for clicks on your ads!

$10,000 Per Month

If you don’t know already, Google gives $10,000 per month to registered charities to advertise on text ads for free! Many organisations lack the time and expertise to maximise this opportunity – this is where we step in.

Application Process And Compliance

We’ve guided countless organisations through a Google Ad Grants’ application process. When we’ve got your account up and running, we’ll maintain your status to make sure you stay compliant and keep your ads running.

Keyword Research

As a Google Ads Grants agency, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive keyword research, so we can match searcher intent. We focus on relevant keywords to ensure each click is valuable.

As part of the requirements for the Ad Grant, single keywords (with the exception of your brand) are prohibited, so we focus on long-tail keywords to make sure you stay in compliance and reach searchers who want to engage with your mission.


We’ll keep you up to date on the success of your Ad Grant account with monthly reporting which focuses on the objectives you want to achieve. We treat your grant money just the same as a for-profit account – getting the most results for your ad spend..

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