Ethical Marketing

Optimising Your Digital Strategy for the Ethical Consumer

Published on April 7, 2021 by Joshua Hearn

If you want to create a future-forward business model that will attract today’s conscious consumer, you need to build a robust ethical marketing strategy that will get you there.

The ultimate aim is to engage and convert by putting your ethical principles at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy. Here’s how to level-up with the ethically-minded consumer.

Create content that your target audience is searching for – it’s only as valuable as your top performing keywords after all.

Visiting sites like Exploding Topics that specialise in forecasting trending terms – many of which are ethically-minded –  can help you get the conversation rolling with topics that matter to your prospective customers.

Find the Right Terminology

Subtle distinctions in terminology can make all the difference when targeting an ethical-consumer base. 

Rather than marry yourself to a particular type of messaging in your brand discourse, it is better to stay flexible to attract a broader, more dynamic audience-base. The most obvious search terms are typically the most competitive, so taking an adaptable stance to your phrasing could help you stand out and maximise your digital marketing budget.

Test a range of alternate variations for your product names and brand messages. For example, if you are marketing a product as plant-based or vegan, you might want to trial the terms ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘meat alternative’ as well. The ‘cruelty-free’ angle will speak to an audience that appreciates ethical animal treatment practices, while ‘meat alternative’ will speak more to the health-conscious ethical consumer.

Talk About Your Ethical Credentials

Don’t shy away from flourishing your ethical practices. 

It may seem obvious, but when you spell out your product’s ethical credentials, you make it easier for the ethical consumer to find you, feel confident and commit. Even better, it will help search engines more accurately identify your product so you can attract the audience that you want to speak to. 

Don’t be surprised if you find you have some excellent ethical angles already in hand that you haven’t even thought to explore yet. You may be using sustainably sourced ingredients or boasting a palm-oil free product without even realising it, so make sure you are using all ethical components to your advantage.

Create Highly-Optimised Content

Don’t let your ethical endeavours go unnoticed. Talk directly to the ethically-minded audience that you want to attract and do so precisely.

Optimise and expand your digital content strategy to promote ethical partnerships, events and projects your business is taking part in. You will start to engage your audience on a level that fosters the type of long-term loyalty that will build the strong consumer-base that is the backbone of any successful growth strategy. 

By using targeted long-tail keywords, attention-grabbing titles, and plenty of concrete, actionable advice, you will also help ensure that anybody interested in learning more can find the content they are looking for. Meanwhile, by promoting a community-building ethos with your content strategy, you will be providing more than a day-to-day escape from the routine, and you will be creating a home for your ethical audience to come back to time and time again.

Create a Smart Strategy That Reflects Your Business

Conscious consumers are a savvy bunch, and if you want to create an ethical-marketing strategy, you need to be ready to follow-through. A conscious consumer will be able to see through a flimsy green-washing campaign that doesn’t hold water. 

Here at Climbing Trees, we believe in practising what we preach. That is why we are well on our way to becoming an official B Corps Certified enterprise. The ‘B’ stands for beneficial, and this is a value that we take seriously in every aspect of the way we do business. We are here to help you build the type of digital advertising strategy that fosters healthier, more ethically-based advertising that promotes genuine trust, transparency, and loyalty. In turn, we are committed to helping create a better future, and we reflect our values in everything we do and everything we can do for you. 

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