Site Migration

We believe SEO should be considered at every stage of a site migration. From the start of discussions to migration completion, properly executing your website migration is critically important. We’ve managed site migrations for many clients and our in house process can deliver an increase in organic traffic.

Why move?

The reasons for migrating a site may vary, from boosting performance to the merging of two organisations, but the complexity remains. A successful migration involves transferring your content from one site to another without seeing a drop in keyword rankings, or organic search traffic. However, without careful planning, both rankings and traffic can see a dramatic reduction.

Perfect preparation

To ensure a seamless migration, a number of things need to be considered and planned for. By comparing the metrics for the new and old site, we can determine how the rankings, indexed pages, backlinks and search traffic compare. From this we can identify any omissions that will affect performance. This analysis, along with other key steps that include 301 redirects, will ensure you retain your valuable keyword rankings and organic traffic.

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