What are Technical SEO Audits?

By carrying out a comprehensive and insightful Technical SEO Audit we uncover foundational issues that could affect your ranking for relevant keywords, and the volume of organic traffic your website receives.

Our audit involves analysing and resolving barriers to accelerating your search performance and is a necessary process before boosting your site’s online presence.

Making it work for you

With curiosity at the heart of how we act, our technical SEO audit has a detailed 50 factor analysis to unpick the elements of your website. This equips us with foresight and insight to improve your site’s SEO performance. Our analysis considers technical points including:

  • Crawl error resolution 
  • HTTP status code review
  • Sitemap status
  • Backlink profile review
  • Pagination & canonical URL review

Meaningful impact

Once armed with a detailed analysis of your site and needs, we support you to enhance your site’s SEO performance by actioning a range of activities; all of which will see your site climb the results page and increase your visibility as a trusted and reputable service provider.

Example projects

Baker Ross
JA - Climbing Trees
Lumie - Climbing Trees

How can we help you?

We take our clients’ challenges seriously, let us help deliver your technical SEO audits.