Technical SEO Audits

Before you can boost your website’s online presence, you must first analyse and resolve any roadblocks to accelerating your search performance. A technical SEO audit highlights foundational issues that could be affecting how well you rank for relevant keywords, and the volume of organic traffic your website receives.

Our 50 factor analysis

Our technical SEO audit looks at issues such as:

  • Crawl error resolution – ensuring every link on your website leads to a relevant page
  • HTTP Status code review – identifying issues that cause a web page or resource not to load properly
  • Sitemap status – confirming your website’s sitemap lists every page, making it easier for engines to crawl your site
  • Robots.txt review – identifying which web pages you allow search engines to crawl, and which you have blocked
  • Site-wide duplicate content review – ensuring your website content is original and doesn’t appear at more than one web address.
  • Backlink profile review – identifying and resolving any negative backlinks that may be holding your website back.
  • Resource file review – Javascript and CSS bloat may be negatively affecting your page speed!
  • Pagination & canonical URL review – review and ensuring site hierarchy and architecture is following best practice.
  • Primary protocol use – identifying if HTTPS is used throughout the entire website.
  • HSTS enabled – confirming whether HSTS is enabled to ensure the safe use of your website.
  • +40 further technical points.

Let us help keep things on track

Once a technical SEO audit is complete, we will be in the position to action the activities required to improve your website’s SEO performance.

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