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Alex Holliman guest spot on leading industry podcast

Published on January 21, 2022 by Climbing Trees

Last week Alex Holliman, Managing Director of Climbing Trees was a guest on the Agencyphonics podcast.

Hosted by agency advisors Spencer Gallagher and Pete HooleAgencyphonics is the podcast behind the bestselling 5-star rated book and free community for agency founders, “Agencynomics”. Each month they interview agency leaders with interesting stories and approaches to bring the book to life.

In episode 56, Alex is candid about his personal struggles and journey of self-realisation which lead to him setting up Climbing Trees almost 12 years ago. Discover how Alex’s approach to sustainability and building a purpose-driven business was inspired by a personal branding exercise. And hear how ‘a moment of genius’ (according to Spencer!) led to Climbing Trees winning a major account with Greenpeace.

Watch the full 50-minute interview here.

Alex is always keen to connect with like minded agency owners, get in touch to chat all things digital and ethical marketing [email protected]