The Brief

Three years ago, car accessory dealership Slim’s Detailing had been experiencing tracking issues with their incumbent agency, who were unable to get their Google Ads and Google Analytics to reconcile with each other accurately. In order to solve this issue, Slim’s chose Climbing Trees, convinced that ‘they were the right agency’ because we ‘took the time to understand their business’ and possess a ‘down-to-earth attitude’, in the words of Lucy Wrangles, Slim’s Digital Marketing Manager.

Two review sessions with Slim’s Detailing later, Climbing Trees proposed an ongoing on-site SEO to improve their organic positioning. The campaign focused on maximising the return on ad spend while ensuring the technical setup of the site and on-site optimisation was done in a way that suited the web design and brand.

This collaboration was a success; it resulted in triple digit percentage sales growth in the first year and consistent growth over the next years

“We have worked with Climbing Trees for many years now and we couldn’t be happier with them.”

Lucy Wrangles, Digital Marketing Manager, Slim’s Detailing

The issue was addressed in two review sessions, during which Climbing Trees learnt about the brand. Once we were confident in our understanding of the business, we began to restructure the Google Ads account. This is when the idea of using on-site SEO to achieve the objective was additionally presented.

Climbing Trees proposed this course of action in a way that allowed Slim’s Detailing to input critical business information in the process. As part of our personalised approach, we value client input and feedback, which has been observed by Slim’s Detailing in our ‘transparent’ work and ‘first-class’ communication. At each stage, Climbing Trees informed Slim’s Detailing of any hurdles that arose along the way and came up with methods to solve them. If something did not work or a problem surfaced, Climbing Trees told Slim’s Detailing clearly and advised them on how to continue.

The campaign itself involved on-site SEO optimisation that achieved the goals set in the beginning. Slim’s Detailing received regular updates on progress, what changes were beneficial and what areas needed further development to push on.


The client’s needs were met and Climbing Trees delivered above expectations. In the first year of working with Climbing Trees, Slim’s Detailing experienced triple digit percentage sales growth across both organic and paid channels. Afterwards, they saw a constant growth of 30% per annum. The Climbing Trees team kept coming up with ideas to maintain this steady growth.

Slim’s Detailing praised Climbing Trees’ work, calling it a ‘superb job at optimising ads and maintaining their budget’. They told us that they are always happy to hear recommendations from us and that the results speak for themselves.

Seeing how impactful the work done by Climbing Trees has been, Slim’s increased their ad budget by 33% for a trial period from October to December 2019. During those three months, revenue went up by 43%, which pleased them so much that they have decided to continue with the increased budget for 2020.