The Brief

Orangutans SOS are a UK-based non-profit that raise awareness of the plight of the Sumatran Orangutan, fundraise and provide support to on-the-ground conservationists in Indonesia.

As a registered charity, Orangutans SOS were eligible for a charity Google Ad Grants account enabling them to access $10k a month of Google Text Ads for free. However, while they understood the benefits of the account, they found it difficult to manage in-house.

They needed a partner who could activate at pace and that shared their green values in order to drive brand awareness, newsletter sign-ups and increase online donations.

“Climbing Trees are lovely to work with. They’re approachable, very responsive and very thorough.”

Lucy Radford, Engagement Manager

“I’m really happy with the service we get from Climbing Trees. They’re making a big difference to our levels of success with Google Ads.”

Lucy Radford, Engagement Manager


The challenge was that while Orangutans SOS is UK-based, they needed to communicate their cause on a global scale to attract both regular and one-off donations. Therefore, we had to find a way to gain global reach, without the budget to secure multiple language translations of their adverts.

We negotiated the at-times tricky Google Ad Grants programme policies to reach Orangutans SOS’s target audience in the UK and overseas. This included non-English speaking countries even though only English language is featured on their site.

Together, with their web development partner, Climbing Trees implemented e-commerce and event tracking to precisely measure engagement and transactional behaviour, which went on to inform our ongoing optimisation strategy.


+76.3% more clicks
By reaching a larger audience, we greatly increased brand awareness year-on-year.

+85.6% more conversions
Orangutan SOS saw a huge increase in donations and newsletter sign-ups.

Over 2,000 donations
As a direct result of our paid activity we generated new one-off and regular donations.

60k global visitors
By targeting only English speakers, even in non-English speaking countries, meant we continued to grow global reach without the expense of translation services.

“We’ve seen a big spike in conversions from our ads, which is fantastic!”

Lucy Radford, Engagement Manager

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