The Challenge

In 2015, full-service distribution company SMT Volvo wanted to test out if Google Ads could generate incremental growth for the business. SMT Volvo chose Climbing Trees due to Climbing Trees’ flexibility, adaptability, ability to scale up and down as required, and willingness to understand the client in order to maximise the effect of the campaign.

Climbing Trees’ solution was to formulate a plan to make the most of SMT Volvo’s ad spend. During Climbing Trees and SMT Volvo’s partnership, SMT Volvo also went through a rebrand, launched a new merchandise website and a new main product website with Climbing Trees’ support.

Since the partnership started, SMT Volvo’s performance has improved every year.Bing Ads and LinkedIn Ads were added since ads proved so worthwhile that they became a core element of their marketing strategy.

Our Strategy

Before suggesting a solution, we began by familiarising ourselves with SMT Volvo’s machines, full range and what was important in their portfolio. Climbing Trees worked with SMT Volvo’s in-house team to structure the campaign in line with market trends and business priorities.

Based on this research, Climbing Trees devised a plan to granularise the structure of SMT Volvo’s campaigns and ad groups in order to allow them optimum control of their ad spend. Initially, SMT Volvo only used Google Ads, but Bing Ads and LinkedIn Ads were added once the potential for ads to grow the business was proven.

Climbing Trees informs SMT Volvo whenever new ideas or developments that can help them arise. In addition, we produce monthly reports to ensure SMT Volvo is aware of what work has been done and stay on track with their business goals. If something is not working, Climbing Trees tells SMT Volvo so they can refocus the budget.

As for the rebranding and new websites, Climbing Trees made sure they were up and running smoothly. We advised SMT Volvo on the best approaches on various decisions and worked with the developers from the beginning, so the campaigns were aligned with the websites and amended keywords, URLs and beyond. Thanks to this, no budget was wasted and SMT Volvo received personalised professional support at every point.


After employing Climbing Trees’ expertise, SMT Volvo has seen an increase in performance annually since 2015. In the first year, there were over 802 conversions, and in the most recent calendar year, figures went up by 11% with the same budget.

Throughout the rebranding and new website, Climbing Trees’ advice, collaboration with the developers and effective readjustment of the budget and ad campaigns helped prevent wasting valuable time and finances.

SMT Volvo described the Climbing Trees team as ‘knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.’ We are in regular contact with SMT Volvo and continue this fruitful partnership.


conversions in the first year.


increase in conversions in the most recent year.

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