The Challenge

Greenpeace UK exposes the causes of environmental destruction and promotes solutions essential for a green and peaceful future. 

Following the relaunch of their website, Greenpeace UK was awarded a Google Ads Grant of $10,000 per month. This ran in-house for over a year, but despite a well-resourced, continuously updated website, they weren’t meeting their objectives or utilising the full grant amount each month, leading to the money being wasted. 

Our goal was to utilise the full $10,000 and leverage their fresh website content in order to expand Greenpeace UK’s audience and reach. We aimed to increase the conversion of clicks into meaningful actions by 50% YoY, drive 10% more clicks to the website and reduce the average cost per click by more than 10p. 

Our Strategy

To utilise the unused budget we capitalised on Greenpeace UK’s activist campaign activity. 

Due to the last-minute nature of Greenpeace UK’s actions, there’s a small window of time when people search for keywords relating to it. Climbing Trees had to remain reactive and maintain close communication with the Greenpeace UK’s website team about their activist actions and new content. We were able to quickly build manual text-based campaigns with ad copy that’s hyper-relevant to what people are searching for in a timely manner.

Climbing Trees overcame the Google Ad Grants limitation of not being able to target keyword search terms by utilising Dynamic Search Ads, helping us target mission-critical keywords for Greenpeace UK.


Climbing Trees’ Google Ad Grants activity produced outstanding results for Greenpeace UK.

Over the first six months, meaningful conversions increased by 16% compared to the previous six months and soared by 149% compared to the previous year. This almost tripled the 50% objective we set.

  • 250 meaningful conversion actions in the first month – that’s a 52% YoY increase and a 95% increase from the previous month. 
  • 481 meaningful conversion actions in month six – that’s a 480% YoY growth and 43% growth from the previous month. 

One-off donations revenue grew by 60% compared to the same period in the previous year. 

Over the first six months clicks to the website went up by 13% compared to the 10% objective. 

The average cost per click reduced by 11p over the first six months. 

We continue to support Greenpeace UK and work closely with their internal teams and Google to make the most of their Google Ads Grant. You can also read more about how we became a finalist for our work with Greenpeace UK at the UK Digital Growth Awards in the PPC Campaign of the Year (B2C) category here.

Watch our webinar on ‘Building Digital Brands with Purpose’, featuring Mal Chadwick from Greenpeace UK as one of the speakers.