UK Digital Growth Awards Finalist

Climbing Trees & Greenpeace UK make the final at the UK Digital Growth Awards

Published on May 18, 2022 by Climbing Trees

Climbing Trees are proud to announce we are a finalist for our work with Greenpeace UK at the UK Digital Growth Awards in the PPC Campaign of the Year (B2C) category! We are aware of how strict the criteria is for these awards, so making the final is a major achievement for us.

We worked with Greenpeace UK to spearhead their Google Ads Grant account in order to help them raise engagement with their cause and increase support. 

We managed to help Greenpeace UK utilise the full $10,000 from the grant by capitalising on their activist campaign activity. We also overcame the Google Ad Grants limitation of not being able to target single keyword search terms by utilising Dynamic Search Ads, helping us target mission-critical keywords.

© Emily Macinnes / Greenpeace

The delivery of this work went beyond digital skills. The Climbing Trees team had to maintain open and regular communication with the Greenpeace team about their last-minute activist actions and new content. We were able to quickly build manual text-based campaigns with ad copy that’s hyper-relevant to what people are searching for in a timely manner. We believe this human component is what truly allowed us to create such amazing outcomes. 

The results of our work exponentially exceeded our set objectives. Meaningful conversions increased by 16% over the first six months compared to the previous six months and soared by 149% compared to the previous year. One-off donations also grew compared to the previous year.

It’s not every day that one of the most eminent environmental charities in the UK teams up with a small independent agency from Essex. But from the very beginning, this was a match made in heaven. Just like Greenpeace, Climbing Trees is driven by hope and optimism to leave things better in the world. We believe this alignment is what motivated us to produce such exceptional results.

“To work for an agency that shares my values is one thing, but to use my digital skills to support an organisation so close to my heart is just amazing”.

Will Bravin, Account Manager, Climbing Trees.

As an ethical marketing agency with strong values surrounding sustainability, Climbing Trees is ecstatic about helping Greenpeace UK further their cause. And having this work recognised by a prestigious award has made us even more motivated to keep working hard and aligning our values with our work.

© Marie Jacquemin / Greenpeace

“Everything we do as an agency is set up to ensure we leave the world in a better place than we found it. It will therefore be a treat to work with a client of this stature whose entire purpose is to do just that”.

Alex Holliman, Managing Director of the appointment, Climbing Trees.

We are extremely proud of our team’s hard work, commitment and dedication. We are looking forward to our continued work with Greenpeace UK and helping the planet as best as we can through this collaboration.