Climbing Trees becomes a Quora Ads Partner

Published on May 15, 2023 by Will Bravin

In today’s digital age, online advertising is essential for any business to reach its target audience. While there are numerous platforms available in the advertising space, Quora Ads has become an increasingly popular choice due to its unique user base and effective targeting capabilities.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’ve become an official Quora Ads partner, providing Quora Ads as part of our service offering to further help our clients connect with their target market.

Why did we become a Quora Ads Partner?

Becoming a Quora Ads Partner is a significant accomplishment for our agency, as it allows us to showcase our exceptional ad management skills, whether that be focused on lead generation or brand awareness.

Our partnership with Quora brings several benefits to us as an agency, including being the first to know about new product launches, upcoming collaborative marketing opportunities, and exclusive access to Quora experts for training, resources, and co-branding events and campaigns. All of which will substantially enhance the service we deliver our client.

By not using Quora, we previously ran the risk of excluding existing and new clients who were actively seeking solutions that perhaps were not achievable on other advertising platforms. Clients are becoming more aware of this, so it’s crucial we have all available services to fulfil their marketing needs.

To become a partner, we had to not only submit an application but also undergo a review process by the Quora team, who evaluated our proficiency in managing successful campaigns for our clients. We passed with flying colours.

A logo of climbing trees becoming a quora ads partner

How Quora Ads will help our clients reach their goals

Quora is a hybrid platform that combines aspects of both a search engine and a social network. Users turn to Quora to find information on various topics, making it an ideal platform for clients to target potential customers who are already actively seeking solutions to their problems. In fact, according to Quora’s own estimates, over 60% of users in the US do not visit TikTok, 58% don’t visit Twitter, and 37% don’t visit Instagram, leaving a significant gap in the audience that businesses can reach.

Quora’s targeting options make it easier to reach the right audience for ads. With over 10 types of targeting options available, we can target specific questions or topics that are

relevant to products or services, as well as reach those who have shown an interest in these areas previously. This ability to target users who are already in the middle of the funnel, makes Quora Ads an attractive option for those looking to influence customers’ ongoing journeys and drive them towards conversion.

How can we help?

We can manage all forms of advertisement on the Quora Ads platform, including text, video, and image ads. Our always-on approach to testing, refining, and reporting means you can rest assured you will always make the most of your PPC budgets and deliver a significant return on investment. We also encourage testing and learning initially, to see what medium resonates with their audience the best, as no two audiences are the same.

So, If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to work with us, please get in touch!