Climbing Trees wins Silver at the UK Agency Awards 2022

Published on September 29, 2022 by Frankie Brookton

We are extremely proud to announce we have won a Silver Award in the category of ‘Best PPC campaign’ for our Google Ad Grants work with Greenpeace UK.

We entered the UK Agency Awards to praise our brilliant team for their hard work and dedication. We believe their efforts deserved to be acknowledged and recognised on a wider scale. While we felt making the final was a big achievement in itself, after winning a Silver Award we will be taking the time to celebrate the amazing work and impact our team created.

During this project, we helped Greenpeace UK significantly raise meaningful conversions, one-off donations and website clicks by utilising their full $10,000 grant budget. We also overcame the Google Ad Grants limitation of not being able to target single keyword search terms by utilising Dynamic Search Ads, helping us target mission-critical keywords. You can learn more about our work with Greenpeace UK here.

“Working with Greenpeace UK has been a dream from the start. From creating a huge impact for one of the biggest environmental charities and advancing a cause so close to our hearts, to having this work recognised by winning a prestigious industry award”

Alex Holliman, Founder and Managing Director, Climbing Trees

As a B Corp our key driver is creating a positive impact. For our client and the planet. Working with such an inspirational non-profit and having this work acknowledged proves we’re on the right track.

This success has brought a wave of optimism and enthusiasm to our team to keep improving and creating more award-winning work for all our clients. With the feedback received as part of the process, we are clear on our next steps to improve.

“We’re feeling over the moon to have won a Silver Award. But most importantly we’re determined to strive for gold! We have a clear vision of how we need to improve and are excited to bring it to life.”

Will Bravin, Account Manager, Climbing Trees.

Climbing Trees is looking forward to continuing to celebrate their successes and deliver outstanding results to Greenpeace UK, as well as all our other clients.