Programmatic Advertising

Exploring the latest trends in Connected TV

Published on March 22, 2023 by Jodie Brookton

Get ready for an exciting and insightful dive into the world of programmatic advertising! 

Our very own Performance Lead, Jodie had an electrifying conversation with Ronan, Director of Corporate Sales EMEA who works for Quantcast, one of Climbing Tree’s programmatic partners. They arranged a catch-up to explore the hottest trends in programmatic advertising and uncover the secrets behind the massive boom in ads on Connected TV devices.

We delve into this rapidly evolving landscape and learn from the experts at Quantcast how cutting-edge technology is shaping the future of advertising. Discover how programmatic advertising is revolutionising the way brands connect with audiences, and why Connected TV devices are becoming the go-to platform for advertisers looking to make a real impact.

Connected TV Measurement will be the most important trend for programmatic advertising this year.

Ronan Lundy – Director of Sales, EMEA

Let’s explore this further, why do you think CTV has exploded?

CTV has transformed the digital advertising lumascape and is evolving rapidly. The adage “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen”, couldn’t be more true. A once-in-a-century pandemic reshaped how we connect, buy, and entertain – online. 

This change of pace has compressed decades of technological – and social – change into mere years. As lifestyles change and the cord-cutter generation demands content at their fingertips, they are not willing to wait. 

Today’s viewers enjoy the flexibility to watch their preferred content anytime, anywhere, thanks to the multiple streaming devices found in the average household. In essence, the power now lies in the hands of consumers, who have full control over when, where, and on which screen they watch their favourite shows.  

What does that mean for advertisers?

It is time for TV to reinvent itself further. We are beyond the early adopter stage of CTV where the scalability of the content you can deliver to, has started to take hold. The channel options and variety is vast.

Marketing budgets will always follow the eyeballs and now they have the opportunity to produce high quality video content and bring it to the big screen. 

Every step in the consumer journey matters and that entire journey is also increasingly measurable. CTV now can be measured as a driver of performance and therefore be a part of your full funnel marketing plan. In 2023 marketers will embrace new technology to measure and more effectively optimise every step of the consumer path in real-time, yielding more efficient, coordinated and effective ad spend and better business outcomes, today and tomorrow, as a result. 

It’s the same but different TV as we know it.

What are the benefits to using CTV vs traditional tv buying?

Connected TV (CTV) has revolutionised the way we consume television content, and it has also transformed the advertising industry. As CTV advertising gains traction, measuring its impact has become essential for marketers. 

Speed of activation – digital media buyers are known for their speed and buying CTV programmatically has the same benefits of that. Traditional tv buys generally to be planned and managed for months before activation, this reduces the time spent planning and less resources are required for both brand and agency.

CTV measurement provides a wealth of information to help marketers optimise their advertising campaigns, enhance audience reach, and improve ROI.

One of the primary advantages of CTV measurement is its ability to deliver accurate and granular data on ad performance. With metrics such as completion rates, viewability, and engagement, advertisers can get a more comprehensive picture of how their ads are performing. This allows them to make data-driven decisions about their advertising strategies and optimise their campaigns for maximum impact. This is a channel, which is more accessible with lower barriers to entry than traditional TV. 

CTV market is rapidly growing, and brands and advertisers need to be aware of the latest trends and insights to make the most of this channel.

In a world where budgets are being scrutinised how can we measure upper-funnel programmatic campaigns?

Making your marketing spend more accountable with upper funnel programmatic campaigns is essential in today’s climate. 

In a year when marketers will need to do more with less, those that can better discern how investments translate to returns will benefit from new insight to improve marketing strategy and execution and clearly demonstrate the impact of their marketing spend. 

Quantcast have invested and innovated heavily in this area and have developed a unique product offering  – Brand Lift Live by Quantcast™, giving advertisers the ability to measure awareness lift and fine tune in real time. Brand Lift Live (BLL) is an integrated, real-time survey solution, which allows marketers to improve their campaigns by continuously measuring against brand awareness and consideration metrics. 

A big thank you to Ronan & Quantcast for their invaluable guidance on leveraging the power of Connected TV and for providing insightful strategies to secure approval from budget holders through advanced measurement techniques.

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