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Google's AI Search Impact on SERPs

Published on May 16, 2024 by Climbing Trees

Google has introduced new AI powered search features, including AI Overviews for quick summaries with links to more information, multi-step reasoning for handling complex questions, and planning assistance for tasks like meal and trip planning. AI-organised results and video search capabilities have also been added to make Google Search more intuitive and helpful.

But how does this impact Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? We didn’t ponder on this question for too long and immediately sought answers from our expert team.

“Ads will always be present to maintain advertising revenue.”

Will Bravin, Performance Lead

AI powered campaign types like Performance Max and Demand Gen are increasingly relevant. Dynamic ad types that fit to different sizes or placements have already become the new standard.

What does it mean for Organic Results?

Organic results may be affected; if users can get the answer to their query without visiting a website, they won’t need to click on any result.

Liz Reid, Google’s head of Search, says that early data shows that this new way of searching will actually lead to more clicks to the open web. Perhaps this will be the case, perhaps it won’t – certainly low quality content that provides little depth will lose out here. But there will be a growing need to tailor the content strategy for AI overviews, because users will see this first. This could involve updating or producing unique, helpful content that speaks to the needs of your target audience.

Reid also explains that Google’s new search-specific Gemini model is dedicated to achieving accuracy, prioritising factual information. 

This focus on precision implies that authority from reputable websites will continue to hold significance.

“Google will only show you in the SERPs if you have excellent page authority for the topic you are providing information on, as it will want to know that the information it is giving its users is accurate. 

One of the method’s Google uses to do that is look at a webpage’s external links, so back linking will be a key in SEO in the coming years. 

The other element that Google has been hinting for a while at is that content needs to be helpful and informative. We always recommend writing according to Google’s content guidelines. This will increase your website’s chances of being on page 1, or even featured within the AI result itself.”

Claudia Taylor, Organic Lead

“AI overviews are currently rolled out in the US and target more informational intent. This could impact a site’s visibility in US search results, potentially for any sites that rely on US organic traffic.

Although there may be a decrease in impressions and an uptick in zero clicks, we could see improvement in click-through rate (CTR). It appears that the US rollout of AI overviews can be a valuable learning experience to prepare for its global launch.”

Sachin Gauchan, Organic Consultant

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