Building Relationships With Your Agency and Google Adwords Reps

Published on March 3, 2022 by Richard Harvey
So you have been contacted directly by a Google AdWords representative, but you are already working with a certified Google Partner Agency.

What gives? 
This article will walk you through how to approach these conversations and build relationships with both your Google rep and your agency to get maximum value from your account.

What is a Certified Google Partner?

Climbing Trees is a certified Google Partner, meaning that we are officially accredited by Google to navigate your Google Ads campaign. AdWords is a complex platform. While businesses may be able to navigate Google Ads, it takes specialised expertise to know how to create a successful long-term AdWords marketing strategy that fits your business. 

And that’s where Google Partners come in.

Google Partners must complete certification examinations in key processes like Mobile Advertising, Display shopping, and Google Search. Google partners also work hand-in-hand with certified Google Account Managers to maintain best practices. And since AdWord Partners work with their own Google Agent they can also provide streamlined troubleshooting help directly from Google if issues arise. 

In addition, working with a Google Partner allows you to control and manage your campaign and tailor your objectives. For instance, agencies have the unique ability to manually bid or override some of the automated functions in Google AdWords. This will allow you to create an approach that is built for your business and your business alone. 

This is what you pay your fee for – the expert knowledge. 

So Why Are You Getting Contacted by Google Reps?

As of late, there have been an increasing number of Google Partner Agency clients who have been contacted by Google representatives. These reps typically suggest some free ways to improve your Google AdWords campaign—which may lead to confusion. 

If these modifications are free, shouldn’t your certified Google Partner Agency have already optimised your account?

It’s perfectly reasonable to want to get the most out of your online ad campaign. But it’s also important to understand that these representatives may not be directly affiliated with Google. And these calls are also likely to be incentivised sales calls. Google reps may appear to present viable solutions, but long-term strings could be attached. 

When it all comes down to it, only your certified Google Partner Agency will have legacy information about your brand, industry, buying cycles, and target audience. Plus, agencies offer a specialised overview of all your channels—which may include social or other search engines too. And this broad perspective allows you to get the most out of your overall PPC budget.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t work together with your Google rep and your agency to get the most out of your Google Ads account. 

Still Concerned Your Agency Isn’t Maximising Your Adwords Account?

If you have been contacted by a representative working for Google they probably have informed you of some free changes you can make to improve the performance of your account. But it’s always a good idea to reach out to your agency before you make any changes to your AdWords campaign. 

Even if the solutions presented by Google rep sound appealing, connect on a call with the Google Rep and your Google Partner agency. This way, you can compare strategies so that all parties can be clear about the best approach. Once you start getting some answers, use your agency to help you understand any recommended changes and ask them to explain why they didn’t suggest them previously. 

Here are some things to ask both the Google rep and your certified Google Partner agency about:

  • Why are the Google representatives suggesting a new approach?
  • What would be the expected short and long-term results of implementing all the suggestions put forth by the Google representative?
  • What is the anticipated short and long-term impact on ad spend if the modified approach suggested by the Google rep is implemented? 

It is especially important to fully understand any potential negative impact to making changes—especially in the long term when considering important points like your overall traffic, sales, and conversions in relation to your overall business goals. 

For example, a Google Rep may suggest steps you could take to improve traffic to your site. But more traffic may not translate to qualified leads or increased conversions, and could even have a negative effect. 

Here at Climbing Trees, we are an ethical paid and organic search partner committed to working to provide the best approach for your Google Ads campaign. We offer strategy sessions and audits if you ever have concerns your AdWords account is underperforming for any reason. And if a Google representative has contacted you, we are ready and willing to hear your concerns and work together to find the best way forward.