Lunch + Learn // SEO Fundamentals with Josh Hearn

Lunch & Learn: SEO Fundamentals

Published on June 29, 2022 by Joshua Hearn

The third webinar of our Lunch and Learn series is here for you to rewatch. The webinar, hosted by Climbing Tree’s specialist Josh Hearn covered the fundamentals of search engine optimisation or SEO.

For many SEO simply means throwing as many keywords into a page as possible. But as Josh explained in this webinar it’s more than that. As an SEO specialist, Josh gave an accessible and holistic overview of what is SEO, how it impacts a brand’s online presence, how to improve it, and how to get started working with SEO. The webinar is the perfect way to build your SEO foundations.

You can watch it now or scroll to get an overview of what was covered.

Josh began by sharing his own journey to becoming an SEO expert, explaining what SEO is, how it works, and covered the difference between paid and organic listings.

Onsite SEO

SEO can actually be divided into different types, the first being onsite SEO, which as Josh explained is all about the on-page elements we can change to improve the ranking for keywords. These include meta data, page content, and URL among others. He also covered how to do keyword research to find the most relevant keywords and create a keyword plan.

Technical SEO

Secondly, Josh explained what technical SEO is. He covered which problems could be impacting a site’s technical SEO and different things we can do to improve a website or a server as a means of improving ranking. Josh points out how doing a site audit and fixing technical problems is a great place to start to provide a quick turnaround. 

Offsite SEO

The final type of SEO Josh discussed is offsite SEO, which he identified as being all about link building and citations outside your site. He defined citations as “any mention of your business online”, such as a Google maps listing, and explained why they matter. He also talked about external links, link attraction, and manual link building – or to put simply how to prove your website is trustworthy by getting others to link to it.

Ongoing Optimisation

After reviewing the different types of SEO, Josh pointed out the importance of always going back to your audience, checking if what you’re doing is adding human value, and checking back on the goals of your campaign. After all, improving SEO needs to have a purpose beyond ranking.

Josh went on to explain what happens after the changes are made and how to track SEO performance. Whether looking at bounce rates or keyword rankings, he highlighted it’s crucial to be aware of what is relevant for your site, as well as how the constant Google algorithm changes affect your industry.

Josh also covered how to perform competitor analysis and how doing that can help frame your own approach, as well as emerging trends and how to stay up to date. He closes off with key takeaways and a great Q&A about his own mistakes with SEO and his experience of agency work.

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