Walking the Talk: The B Corp Journey for Climbing Trees

Published on March 14, 2024 by Alex Holliman

Curious about becoming a certified B Corp? Well, we caught up with our founder, Alex Holliman, to hear about our journey to becoming a B Corp certified business, what that means for us today, and what’s next on the horizon. You can also learn more about the global B Corp network and why we chose to become a part of it here.

What is B Corp certification, and why did Climbing Trees choose to pursue it?

What changes and benefits has the certification brought to Climbing Trees?

What challenges did you encounter during the initial certification process? Were there any significant lessons learned that shaped your current business practices?

What about the measurable impacts of being a B Corp? On things like business carbon footprint and  diversity in the workplace.

Can you describe how your employees have been involved in and influenced by the B Corp ethos?

Can you share examples or feedback from customers and community members about how your B Corp status has influenced their relationship with Climbing Trees?

How often do you have to renew your B Corp certification? And how is Climbing Trees preparing for recertification?

What does the future look like for Climbing Trees as a B Corp?

How can businesses get involved with B Corp?

If reading this has got you intrigued by what B Corp has to offer, then the best thing to do is to look at the B Corp impact assessment here, so that you can go through your own business and come up with your own evaluation and then look at ideas that inspire you. Even for things that you’d like to do or that are aligned with your core values within your organisation.

Interested in learning more about B Corp?

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