Olympus UK

Project Summary

The aim of this project was to take over Olympus’s Google and Bing ad accounts and improve the performance of both. The client also wanted to improve communication from their agency partner.

Why choose us?

“Climbing Trees demonstrated a desire to work with Olympus that was unparallel in other agencies we spoke to. The creative ingenuity in their approach to PPC management demonstrated an astute commercial awareness. They also seemed like good people who cared about delivering results to us as a business”

Georgina Pavelin, Marketing Manager, Consumer Marketing, Olympus Keymed Group of Companies.

The Plan

Climbing Trees took over control of the Olympus Google and Bing ad campaigns and were able to improve the performance through several innovations, such as taking a more granular approach to the setup of the account. This meant we could improve campaigns relevancy, subsequently yielding a greater return on adspend.

The process was extremely hands on from start to finish and the team at Climbing Trees met regularly with Olympus key shareholders to discuss the project.

What was the outcome?

In the last twelve months of the campaign (November 2018 to October 2019) OKM were up over 80% year on year in terms of revenue. Their conversion rate also improved by 16% and the volume of transactions increased by 96%. Incredibly, adspend on Google and Bing only increased by 5% during this time period. These results dramatically exceeded OKM’s expectations at the outset of the project.

Revenue Increase


Was the client satisfied?

“The campaigns performance has returned approaching 2x more sales year on year for roughly the same cost. What is not to like? The team have delivered on the promises made during their pitch.” “The team at Climbing Trees are accountable, they deliver what they promise and make sure that we know what is going on. They are a valued partner who deliver.”

Georgina Pavelin, Marketing Manager, Consumer Marketing, Olympus Keymed Group of Companies.

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