Digital Marketing for Agencies

Digital Marketing for Agencies: Gaining Brand Cut-through

Published on October 11, 2021 by Alex Holliman

There are more than 28 thousand agencies registered in the UK. 

Therefore, in an overcrowded digital marketplace ensuring your agency brand stands out is essential. And investing in a well-defined SEO and PPC digital marketing strategy is imperative. 

Working with a digital marketing agency who can tailor a transparent long-term strategy custom-built for your brand is the key to increasing your visibility and unlocking your full organic growth potential—now and in an increasingly unpredictable future.

So how can agencies have impact when it comes to gaining brand cut-through in a crowded market? 

Know Your Target Audience

Start by defining each of your audiences. Think about specific sectors you want to reach, types of job titles you want to prospect and what you want to say. A lot of this will be intuitive, but make sure your new business team is aligned with your business goals. Then, craft personas to represent each separate market subset. It’s likely what you would recommend your client’s do, so take some time to live what you preach. 

What are the essential characteristics of each persona? What types of services do they need? What type of information are they likely to seek out? 

Use these personas as a basis for creating and upgrading content and jumpstarting your digital marketing strategy.

Audit Existing Content

Once you have defined your audience, audit your existing content.

Repurpose existing content to speak directly to the market sectors and defined personas you want to reach. Your priority prospects can change quickly with the win (or loss) of a client, therefore this is a process that can be revisited regularly. You will likely find gems of evergreen content that can be reworked to target a new sector or audience sub-set. 

Archive legacy content so it doesn’t interfere with your user experience but still contributes to the weight of your site. 

Once the content audit is complete, consider what type of new content you can add to create a more robust offer. 

Craft Brand Campaigns That Stand Out From the Pack

View your content through the eyes of your personas and Google. In a highly competitive marketing landscape, you also need to ensure that your name comes up on that search bar

Brand name replication is an unfortunate side effect of agencies existing in such a heavily populated industry. If your name resembles other agencies, you might be driving your traffic to your competition. 

Leveraging accurately targeted PPC marketing with impactful and authoritative content will help your future clicks know where to find you. 

Take Advantage of Regional Targeting Tools

If you’re a regional agency, don’t shy away from it. Take advantage of regional targeting tools to optimise your local reach. 

Use geo-location ads and location-targeted language in your ads and on-page to attract clients close to home. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to be London-centric. Leeds and Brighton are huge agency hubs for a reason. 

Local or global, the important thing is choosing a PPC agency that is willing to assess and reassess every campaign to ensure your targets are consistently hitting the mark. 

Capitalise on Niche Keywords 

Don’t try to be all things to all people all the time. Search engines seek out pages that are clear about what is being offered and who it is being offered to. Your bottom line will thank you for specialising.

Optimise for niche keywords and be precise to create maximum cut-through.

A high-calibre SEO specialist will optimise your site’s authority by assessing each page on its own and in terms of the user experience as a whole.

As an agency, staying on top of trends is a must. You probably already do this for your clients so make sure you apply the same rules to your agency brand. 

Visit sites like Exploding Topics that specialise in forecasting trending terms. This can help you get the conversation rolling with topics that matter to your prospective customers.

Building Digital Marketing Partnerships that Will Propel Your Brand

If you want your agency brand to stand out, you need a highly personalised digital marketing solution that will define and leverage your niche. 

Here at Climbing Trees, we are a digital marketing agency that practices what we preach. By remaining transparent and accountable, we help you build a sustainable future-forward SEO and PPC foundation that will always drive your agency brand forward.