Lunch + Learn - An Introduction to PPC with Charlie Udall

Lunch & Learn: An Introduction to PPC

Published on June 7, 2022 by Charlie Udall

In the second of our ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar series, Charlie Udall, Climbing Tree’s PPC Account Director gave an insightful introduction to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

It seems traditional marketing methods are straightforward and it’s easy to understand why businesses use them. On the other hand, digital marketing methods, like PPC, are still a mystery to many. It can make it difficult for those choosing a career to decide if digital marketing is right for them, and for businesses to decide if it’s a strategy that’s worth investing in.

In this webinar, Charlie shone a light on PPC, what is it really, how businesses use it to drive traffic to their websites, and how to create a successful PPC campaign. You can watch the whole webinar here or get an idea of what was covered in the synopsis below.

Charlie started off by clarifying how paid ads are different from organic search listings, backed by a brief history of google ads. He highlighted the qualities that make PPC work so well over traditional marketing, such as having complete control, real-time optimisation, and only having to pay for traffic that you get. He also gave an overview of which platforms, beyond Google, are used for PPC at various parts of the customer experience loop.

After setting the foundations, Charlie explained how to create a strong PPC campaign. He pointed out important things to consider before you start, like your budget, objectives for the campaign, your unique selling points, and the importance of reviewing your current marketing activity. He gave more insight into a few crucial points for a successful campaign like selecting successful keywords, campaign structure (which can determine the success or failure of your campaign!), and using responsive search ads. Charlie emphasised the significance of a well-built campaign for your Google Quality Score, which will determine what you pay for cost per click.

Finally, we learned how to optimise a PPC campaign which is of uttermost importance to a great campaign. Charlie gave an overview of what should be optimised within the themes of keywords, ads, audience, bidding & budgeting, and automation. He mentioned all the different variables we can analyse and use for optimisation, from demographics to messaging, and gave a comprehensive list of tools you can use to manage your campaigns.

Charlie closed off with the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of PPC campaigns, myths of PPC, and predictions for the future of PPC.

The webinar closes off with some great free resources for those looking for more information, included below for your reference.

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